Bollywood cosplay for a theme party – Mohabbatein

We had a Bollywood themed party at work and I had to figure out a character to dress up as. I started off by looking up on search engines for ideas but realised they were either really difficult to do or they were just not exciting enough. Advertisements

Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Alibaug & Revdanda

If you’re a Mumbaikar, there are high chances that you’ve already been to Alibaug with your family or friends. But if you’re like me, that day hasn’t yet arrived. So when it did for me, I was completely clueless on how to go there and where to stay etc.

Remy Martin Cognac in India – Price

Rémy Martin is a French firm that primarily produces and sells cognac (a brandy from the Cognac region of France). The brand specializes in Cognac Fine Champagne, which was originally produced by French winemaker Rémy Martin. You might have seen it in Sean Paul’s videos.

Brunch at JamJar Diner Versova

Jamjar is a quaint place in the heart of Versova. Easily missed from outside, but hardly ignorable once you enter. They have both indoor and outdoor roof top seating. The menu includes everything European and more. Try out their drinks all of which are served in mason ‘jars’ (who would have thought…) There’s also a…

Rogue One spoiler free review

Anyone who knows me already knows that I’m a major Star Wars fan and have been following the franchise since I was a kid. So obviously, when RogueOne was announced, I was ecstatic (especially because the wait to episode 8 was too long). I had my concerns too because this is the first spinoff and…

Move over Subway, I’m making the subs myself

Lazy Sunday and you don’t feel like going out? Stress not. If you have the right breads and sauces, you can replicate the same subway taste at your home. Subways doesn’t really have a secret ingredient like KFC that makes it difficult to reverse engineer. So we’ll see how to do that: All you need…