Men’s clothing subscription service – – Review

The thing about us urban guys is that even though we are enlightened about the fact that we need to dress and look good, we hardly get time to shop as frequently as we would want to. That could be because we are too busy with work, or traveling, or hanging out with friends or just sitting at home – watching the game – sipping a beer. Priorities, you know. 😀

If you’re like me, you would want to see your wardrobe updated as frequently as possible. But alas, our men-brains don’t work like that. So we keep reusing our age old clothes again and again till they have lost the original color, pride and desire to exist. That also means we are not doing a great job in catching with the latest ever-changing fashion trends. Makes me wonder if there was a service that would get the most updated fashion delivered to my doorstep without me having to go through the ordeal of going out, choosing between clothes and ending up in over-spending our money.

Well, looks like someone heard the young urban guys and brought out this fabulous service that delivers a box filled with well-curated fashion clothing right at your doorstep. It’s called subscription

How does it work? how it works

You just have to pick your fashion style using their easy quiz, sign-up on their website, make a payment and relax. Before they send you your box, a stylist will call you to understand your preferences better. You can tell them what type of shirts/tees/polos/pants you prefer and what colors do you not prefer. Post this, they would send you your custom box.

Each box will have 2-3 items (Tees, Shirts, Polos, Henleys, Pants, Chinos, Accessories) and it’s a surprise each time!

You can either subscribe to this and get a new box every time, or you can do a one-off box purchase and get it whenever you want as per your convenience.

What was inside my Krate box?

krate box

I received the following in my box:

  • A polka-dotted polo neck tee (half sleeves)
  • A round neck striped tee
  • A printed shirt
  • A men’s wallet (not leather) – as a first-time complementary gift.

The fabric quality was pretty decent and the size was perfect. If you feel the size isn’t good enough, they will replace the product for you. It’s important to understand that these products are for the people who replace their wardrobes quickly, and you shouldn’t look at sustaining these for years. However, that doesn’t say that the quality is compromised. The cotton was soft and breathable. I found the designs to be in line with my style and loved it.

Puneet Tandon Young Urban Guy

The subscription models in Indian Fashion startups have been largely limited to cosmetics, accessories for women and perfumes. Krate is one of the early startups to do a focused clothing subscription for men.

If you like staying updated and keeping your wardrobe updated with the latest fashion, but are too busy/lazy to go out to shop, Krate is your personal stylist. My experience with this has been pleasant and one of my friends saw my Instagram post and tried this out too (he liked it too). So go ahead, try this out. There’s no commitment.

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