Make Darth Vader Themed Chocolate Peanut Butter Fat Bombs | Keto friendly

Don’t panic when you read Fat Bomb. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I know, I know it has the word “FAT” in it but it gets better.

Let us first understand what a Fat Bomb is.

Fat bombs are any high-fat low carb recipe or food, usually 85% fat or more. Low carb and ketogenic diets are roughly 75% healthy fat – a ratio that’s challenging to maintain in your diet.

Since I have been on Keto for 3 months now and have lost close to 11 KGs, I keep trying new recipes all the time. Fat Bombs was on my mind from some time because one thing I miss on this diet is desserts. Now, I am a Punjabi and we Punjabis like having something sweet to eat after a meal. It just doesn’t feel complete without it. Fat Bombs also help me control my sweet cravings without me actually taking any sugar.

What Are Darth Vader themed Fat Bombs? Are they the Fat Bombs for Nerds?

Well, I am a huge Star Wars fan and my house is full of Star Wars merch. So, I happened to have these Darth Vader themed silicon molds with me. If you are wondering, I ordered them from (China).

The Recipe from the Dark Side

Here are the ingredients you would need:

  1. Dark chocolate – 1 bar (Try 80% dark and above)
  2. Butter
  3. Fresh Cream
  4. Zero Calorie Sweetener – Stevia
  5. Peanut Butter

Below is the complete video of the process (I have kept it pretty elaborate 😀 ).

  • Take the chocolate bar (break it into pieces) in a bowl and add butter to it. In the microwave, heat it for a minute to melt both the things. Once melted, whisk the mix to get a consistency.
  • Add substantial fresh cream to it (it will also make the dark chocolate flavor milder) and whisk it further.
  • To this mix, add 3 Tablespoons of powdered Stevia (you can alter this quantity depending on how sweet you want it). Keep whisking, Yo!
  • Now bring in the mold. Put the mix in the mold with a spoon. Ensure you don’t fill up the mold till the brim and only fill half of it. Put a little peanut butter in the middle of the mold. Now top it up with more of the chocolate mix so that you have peanut butter as a center core.
  • Keep the molds to freeze overnight and viola! your Fat Bombs will be ready.

Keep the Fat Bombs frozen and just pop one when you feel like. If you aren’t meeting the macros for the day, these are great. You could also add Coconut Oil to the mix to further increase the Fat proportion.

Hope you liked this recipe. If you have any questions or have tried this out, please do share in the comments. Share this with your friends and help them find out about these amazing bombs!


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