Delicious food right “Out of the Box” – Box8 review

I’m a Punjabi and the love for food is in my DNA. I mean, if there was a choice between world peace and having delicious food, I know what dessert I’m ordering after my meal. 

So when Box8 asked me to try out their meals, I said – Sure, why not!

Anyways, I had heard about Box8 being one of the hottest F&B startups on the scene. I’ve followed their story a bit and have been pretty impressed with the scale they have achieved in this short period of their operation.

Anyways, I chose some dishes that I really wanted to try out with my friends. Since I’m on a super low carb diet since 40 days, I chose to have a Superfit Chicken salad with low carbs and low calories. I didn’t want to mess up my macros much.

I ordered some more dishes like – Superfit Paneer Salad, Garden Fresh salad with Paneer, Butter Chicken, Moong Daal ka Halwa and a lemonade.

Now the best part is, you can choose your meal from a large spread of fusion meals, all-in-one meals, a la carte dishes, pizzas, desserts, and beverages. The variety is pretty impressive.

Once you receive your order, the experience begins right from the packaging. The packaging is really Urban and quirky. The packaging quality is high too. The containers are sturdy and the disposable cutlery provided along with it is pretty decent.

The food quality and taste were again right on top. The thing about these new age food startups is that they take standardization in terms of taste pretty seriously. So you don’t find the same dish tasting differently every time you order. The salad that I had was awesome. It had a good amount of optimum-cooked chicken and fair share of veggies. The other salads tasted good too. I had a little butter chicken too. It was surprisingly good. Lastly, I had the moong daal ka halwa which was so amazing. I could taste the ghee (clarified butter) and it was just not enough for me. I could have had like 3-4 more of those 😃

Whether you’re at work or at home and you want to indulge in great tasting food that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, Box8 is for you. You can visit them at

Here are some more pictures from our meal


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