Meet the new kid on the energy drink block – Gold Fogg

I recently received a surprise package from R Z International Pvt Ltd who have launched their energy health drink in India. It’s called Gold Fogg and I’m going to write my experience with it.

Now, there have been numerous other players who have tried to conquer the Energy Drink market in India. Some have stayed on (Red Bull), some are struggling (Bisleri’s Urza) and some couldn’t make it (Hector Beverages’ Tzinga). So what is it that sets Gold Fogg Different?

Well, to start with, this is a semi carbonated drink with 4 variants.

  • Gold Fogg Energy – a pure play energy drink and the flagship product
  • Fruit Kiss – a fruit beverage that’s a mix of Apple, strawberry, peach, mango, guava, grapes and passion fruit. Frankly it’s too many things to be one thing in particular. Might taste like Red Bull.
  • Mish Mash – it’s a fizzy Apple drink to be precise
  • Mint Masty – it’s a combination of mint and kiwi with a touch of apples, grapes and lime. It’s sweet and tangy. Pretty good if you like minty beverages.

As per the brand, this is more than just an energy drink as it is a refreshing experience of fruity taste with necessary vitamins made to suit the Indian taste buds.

In case you didn’t know, Gold Fogg has on boarded Jackky Bhagnani and Sunny Leone as their brand ambassadors.


The fruity flavours 250ml are priced at Rs 69 (higher than Bisleri’s Urza)

The flagship energy drink for a 250ml sku is priced at Rs 99 (similar to Red Bull)

Have you tried it out too? Let me know your experience in comments.


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