Date perfumes before you marry them with – Review

I saw a Facebook ad of this startup called and thought of checking it out since I have done a research on perfume startups across the industry and have been impressed with pulling this off impressively since this is a hard market to crack (especially online).

So I went ahead and ordered a Cazanova kit from the Perfumebooth guys. Received it in 4-5 days and had my first experience. Read on to see how it went.

The outer box and the website. The website also features a video that’s been attempted to look like that of Dollar Shave Club

The ‘Perfume Selfie’ is a kit having 6 miniature sticks of 6 different fragrances. There is also a refill box in which you can fit the miniature sticks and use it as a standalone perfume.

The ‘Perfume Selfie’ kit

You can select these kits as per the occasion or the mood. I chose Cazanova since it’s important I keep it real 😅

I opened the box and saw the miniatures

The Perfume Selfie with the miniatures
The Perfume Selfie with the miniatures

Now, here’s my verdict:

The Good

  1. Great concept. Has potential.
  2. A good introductory video.

Expectations in future

  1. The variety of fragrances is rather limited. Plus, you can’t create your own kit and have to do with what they send. I hope the brand will work on that.
  2. The brands might be “international” but are mostly unheard and entry level ones. I was expecting at least a couple of them to be better brands. The brands I received were Louis Cardin, English Blazer, Maryaj, Chris Adams, Creation, Emper (these are priced between Rs 700-1100 per 100ml).
  3. Some of the fragrances were not upto my liking. Maybe it’s just me, but a couple of fragrances smelled funny.
  4. The entire look and feel of the website and products can be made more premium. Hampers the experience from the moment you hold the box in hand. The design on the box, the cardboard used, the plastic used – everything can be upped in quality.

Giving the startup a benefit of doubt, maybe they are just trying out the traction and price point, I believe should spend time on design and packaging to at least get first-time users to place repeat orders.

Did you get a chance to try this? Have questions? Ask in comments.


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