Bollywood cosplay for a theme party – Mohabbatein

We had a Bollywood themed party at work and I had to figure out a character to dress up as.

I started off by looking up on search engines for ideas but realised they were either really difficult to do or they were just not exciting enough.

Then I started looking at the Bollywood movie posters from 90s & 2000s and stumbled upon the poster of Mohabbatein. It had Shahrukh Khan dressed up as a violin playing music teacher with a pullover put up on the shoulders. I did a mental audit of my wardrobe and realised I could pull this off with minimum effort.

The challenge was getting the violin. So I figured a workaround. I got the image of a violin printed on a A3 hard paper and cut it out. Viola!

So without much adieu, here’s the look of Raj Aryan I put together 😎

The hairdo is dorky but went well with it πŸ˜…

Here’s also a video of the shenanigans that came along

In case you want to see where the inspiration came from, below is the original poster from Mohabbatein


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