Weekend Getaway from Mumbai to Alibaug & Revdanda

Thought I’d write about my 1st Alibaug experience from a couple of weekends back as a lot of people asked me about it.

Now, if you’re a Mumbaikar, there are high chances that you’ve already been to Alibaug with your family or friends. But if you’re like me, that day hasn’t yet arrived. So when it did for me, I was completely clueless on how to go there and where to stay etc.

I went with a group of friends (11 of them to be precise) and I took on the task to make things happen from planning to execution, with help of course. We booked a big villa from a website called Guesthouser.com (it’s like AirBnB). This website/app allows you to book places without having to pay the entire amount upfront.

The crazy part is I thought the villa we booked was in Alibaug, but we later realized (when we reached there, LULZ) that it was 17Km from Alibaug. This secluded place was called Revdanda.

This was a crazy crazy weekend and I think Alibaug is a great getaway (apart from the usuals- Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Karjat etc.) since it’s pretty accessible from Mumbai.

The villa in Revdanda where we stayed
The villa surrounded by coconut trees. We also made a bonfire at night.
Revdanda beach was secluded, clean and very clean (If you have seen Juhu beach, you’ll find this swacch AF)
With the peeps
Leisure scenes at Alibaug (Revdanda)

How to Travel from Mumbai to Alibaug

Since we decided to not drive and go by ferry (since ferry takes way lesser time to reach – 1 hour by ferry v/s 4 hours by road), here’s how the journey went

  • Took a ferry from Gateway. There are ticket counters made where you can purchase the ticket from. Mumbai to Alibaug ticket cost us Rs 105 per head. This includes your ferry ride from Mumbai to Mandwa port and a bus ride from Mandwa to Alibaug city.
  • We got down at Alibaug and had lunch at this basic looking restaurant called Sagar Savali. Either we were too hungry or the food (Indian non-veg) was actually brilliant.
  • Then we took two 6 seater Rickshaws to Revdanda (it cost us Rs 300 per rickshaw).
  • Revdanda is like a secluded village and doesn’t have many shops and restaurants. So we took booze, munchies and ready to cook food from Alibaug itself. We did order (basically we placed the order but had to go ourselves to fetch it) food from a restaurant too but it was terrible. Very terrible.
  • The beach was 15-20 minute walk from our place but it was worth it. However, there are not many street lights there. So we decided to come back before it was very dark.
  • The mosquitoes are crazy there. So keep your mosquito repellants handy.
  • We took the number of Rickshaw guys when we arrived Revdanda and fixed up a time with them for our return journey too because the public transport is practically non-existent in Revdanda. So, if you plan to go there, this is what you should do too.

If you have any more queries, write in the comments and I’ll try to answer them.


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