Make Tandoori chicken with basic skills and a microwave

Honestly, I always thought Tandoori Chicken is like pretty high on difficulty levels of cooking. Especially when I’m on the rookie level. But I’m going to burst this myth for all you rookies and show you how easy it was to cook the Tandoori Chicken. See the video below.


First of all, here’s the ingredients I used:

  1. Chicken – washed and skinned – 300 GMs
  2. Lime – half
  3. Curd/yogurt – 4 spoons
  4. Ginger garlic paste – 2 spoons
  5. Salt – 1 tea spoon
  6. Tandoori chicken masala
  7. A microwave (cuz there’s a low chance you’ll have an actual tandoor at your home. If you do, wow man)

Process (you can see the video for it)

Take the chicken and make small slits on it for the flavour to go deep in.
Sprinkle salt and lime juice, mix it and let it rest for 15 mins

Now add the ginger garlic paste, curd(yogurt), and 2-3 spoons of the tandoori chicken masala to the chicken. Mix it well and let this rest for 2 hours for marination.

After 2 hours, put the chicken pieces on a high grill and apply molten butter on the pieces on the top.

Choose the tandoor setting according to your microwave (I’ll recommend checking the booklet you got with the microwave to figure that out).

At half time, flip the chicken pieces upside down and apply molten butter on the now top side. Resume the grilling in the microwave.

When done, take it out and serve with onions and green chutney.

You should see the above video to see how i did it in realtime. It’s easy, I promise!


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