Rogue One spoiler free review

Anyone who knows me already knows that I’m a major Star Wars fan and have been following the franchise since I was a kid. So obviously, when RogueOne was announced, I was ecstatic (especially because the wait to episode 8 was too long). I had my concerns too because this is the first spinoff and there were reports of reshoot done for a lot of the script because Disney bosses weren’t happy with the first cut. Also, it’s Disney and they’ve been known to screw up movies and them acquiring Lucas Films was scary AF.

But when I saw the movie, I was so pleasantly surprised!! It was one of the finest Star Wars movies to come out since the original Trilogy. It was well executed and was gripping.

I’m not going to put out any spoilers but here’s my opinion on it in the video below (notice the Darth Vader mask 😁)


If you haven’t seen it, go watch Rogue One now (download it or purchase the DVD or whatever…)


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