Move over Subway, I’m making the subs myself

Lazy Sunday and you don’t feel like going out?

Stress not. If you have the right breads and sauces, you can replicate the same subway taste at your home. Subways doesn’t really have a secret ingredient like KFC that makes it difficult to reverse engineer. So we’ll see how to do that:

All you need is the:

  • Right bread loafs (I prefer Multigrain)
  • Veggies you want (I use Onions, cucumber, tomato, olives, pickle, and cabbage)
  • Meat and/or cheese slices (I use chicken salami)
  • Sauces (I use sauces from Veeba. My preferred ones are Mayo, Sweet Onion, Ranch, Mustard and Chipotle)

I don’t really have to write how to make the sub as it’s pretty straight forward. In the picture, I have used bread slices instead of a loaf.



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